Amazing selection and beautiful plants. The ladies working inside were so helpful and friendly. My kids especially loved their cat. I look forward to purchasing more!

~Ashley P.

I first contacted this business when I saw that the photo of the fiddle leaf fig. I was beyond excited when I saw that they actually carry the plants. Finding a live fiddle leaf fig is like trying to find a unicorn... and the price.. extremely affordable! The staff kept in touch with me and notify me right away when the plants was back in stock. I made the 23 miles trip from Richlands to pick it up. The staff was NICE and helpful. I would definitely buy from them again.

~Angel C.

Grants Creek did a great job cleaning up the trees that fell in our yard during Hurricane Florence. We had been on a few waiting lists since the storm, finally called Grants Creek. Thanks to them our yard looks great!

~ Mia B.

What a treasure trove of trees, shrubs and flowers! We are new to the area and love to garden. We went to check out this nursery and were blown away with the choice of plants! We were greeted with friendly, professional and informed staff! Lisa and Joey were very helpful in helping us find the tree and plants that we were looking for. I know it I have any questions about our plants, we can call them. I highly recommend this nursery. We found the prices for trees, shrubs and plants that we bought very reasonable. We have found our treasure trove, and we will be back! Thank you, Grants Creek!!

~ Christian E.

Loved working with Meredith on the phone and George at our house in making our new home come to life! Thanks again to Grants Creek for a great experience!

~ Susan R.

Plant-specific growers have quite a few more options here than going other places in the Jacksonville area when looking for a better, high-quality bagged growing medium, plant nutrient, or possible solution to a plant problem that plant growers might encounter. For me that place is close and convenient, and they carry what I want for what I love to grow.

~ Uriah B.

Plants in nursery
Beautiful flowers
Trees in nursery